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What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a card game that can be dated as far back as 15th century Italy. The original version saw players bet their hands against each other, trying to achieve the highest score. More modern versions of the game, like Punto Banco, emerged in South America and later the US, where the player bets against the dealer instead. Here the game has three possible results – the player wins, the dealer wins, or it's a tie. Most online baccarat games follow Punto Banco, but other versions are available that harken back to the original European rules. In all versions, the aim is to have the hand with the highest score up to 9. If the sum of your hand puts you in double digits, then your score is the right-hand number. For example, having a pair of 7s would equal 14, so your score would be 4. The suit of the cards has no bearing on the game with https://casinorumblers.com/ . Finding the Best Baccarat Casino Site Online The best baccarat casinos in Ireland are those that offer a large variety of games and pay limits at their baccarat tables. Another important number players want to look at when comparing baccarat sites is the pay-out percentage or casino edge. Some of the most top-rated baccarat casino sites are listed above in our editor's picks for the Top Irish Sites For Baccarat!